Zero: The number of Bishops supporting the Current Health Care Reform

The message of all these bishops is clear: “Yes we want reform, but we don’t want this.”

That’s a clear message to politicians in Washington DC, especially President Obama and Catholic politicians: “Change the health care reform bill, or Catholics will have no choice but to vigorously oppose it.”

Make no mistake, we are in the end game for health care reform right now. And right now, the health care bill is unacceptable to Catholics. Furthermore, the track record during this entire debate has been to downplay, ignore, or lie about the life issues that matter most to Catholics.

Therefore, if it comes down to a yes-or-no vote now, the only acceptable vote is a NO vote.

I’d like to see someone try to disagree with my claim. How can a Catholic politician vote for a bill which the combined US bishops say they must “vigorously oppose”, without defying the clear practical teaching of the US bishops? [Full post from American Papist here]

Sadly many “Catholic” politicians are not in line with their Church. They will support a morally unacceptable bill. And not only are they supporting it, but some are advocating for and working hard to keep the bill immoral.

Some Democrats, like Rep. Stupak, are trying hard to get abortion funding removed from the proposed bill. But the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (who calls herself Catholic) is fighting against them. Imagine that. uhf.

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