Yo, Adrian, we did it!

Last night Senator Saxby Chambliss reclaimed his senate seat in a Georgia runoff – thank goodness!

This ensures that the Democrats will not get the much coveted 60 seat senate majority.  Sixty votes would be the magic number to break any filibuster and basically have the run of the place.

The Democrats also would have needed Stuart Smalley to win in Minnesota.  That is looking less and less likely now too.  The latest recount has Republican Norm Coleman up by 215 votes.  Scary that we were potentially 215 votes away from having Stuart Smalley in the U.S. Senate.

So at least we know it will now at least be more difficult to pass an extremist agenda in the next Administration – including things like FOCA.  But that does not mean that Obama and friends will not still try to do it.  After all, Obama has promised to make FOCA one of his top priorities.

And looking at Obama’s cabinet appointments thus far, he has failed miserably to deliver on his stated desire to find “common ground” on issues like abortion.  Most of his picks have been as extreme on the issue as he is (if that’s even possible).

Either way, whether or not FOCA will actually pass or not is just the tip of the iceburg.  We have much work to do in regard to turning our culture of death into a culture of life.  We must continue to diligently work to change individual hearts and minds by educating people on what abortion truly is.  If you need to get pumped up about the work ahead – watch the video below.  It’s a bit dramatic, but what can I say – I’m a sucker for a good Rocky film.

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