Video: The Oneness of Truth, Contingency, and the Radical Humanism of Aquinas


Where is Thomas Aquinas when you need him?  It’s amazing how many of the challenges we face today are just the same old challenges we humans find ourselves struggling with over and over again.  Not only within our individual lives, but throughout our human history as a whole.

What is the relationship between faith and science?  How does the Bible stack up against the scientific method?  How does a Christian reconcile scientific evidence that seems to contradict their faith?  Is our scientific truth different from our religious truth?

Can we reason the existence of God?  Or do we accept the existence of such a being entirely on faith?

How different are humans from other animals?  Are we simply really intelligent animals winning the competition of the survival of the fittest?  Are we one animal among many?  Or are we inherently different than all other beings?

St. Thomas Aquinas answered all of these questions in ways that humans before him were never able to do.  And his answers continue to satisfy the same, old, tired questions of today. Fr. Barron gives a short account:

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