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This is a cool video from a Baptist sermon on abortion and President Obama.  John Piper is the preacher.  He’s got an outrageously awesome preaching voice and delivers this message spot on.  It’s also a good reminder that the pro-life cause can be a great unifying instrument between Catholics and many other non-Catholic Christians.  We need to continue to pray for more such unity.

FYI – It appears John Piper does some other good work, too, although I think John Calvin is his pope and he certainly misunderstands and misrepresents the Catholic Church in some of his work.  I did, however, really enjoy listening to this sermon quite a bit – thanks John!

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Allen Lewis June 20, 2009 at 9:18 pm

Very dramatic and very true. But why would a man of obvious conviction, such as John Piper, support the candidacy of a man, such as Barack Obama, who has the track record that Mr. Obama has on abortion? Did Mr. Piper expect that Mr. Obamam would change his stance on abortion once he was elected? How naive!

Mr. Obama was most coy about any specifics during his campaign, but a bit of diligent research would have shown Mr. Piper what a threat to the freedoms embodied in our Constitution that Mr. Obama and his ideas were.

While I admire Mr. Piper for speaking out, I do not praise him for being so naive and gullible as to swallow the lies put forth during the campaign like some giggly schoolgirl who swoons over her rock-star idols.

You got what you asked for, Mr. Piper. You say you shed tears of joy on the day of his inauguration? Now shed tears of shame for supporting a man who supports the brutal murder of those 1,000,000 human beings a year. That is what you voted for… And, sadly, a lot more than that.

al zebra June 25, 2009 at 12:33 pm

did piper vote for obama? he said in the video some of us were joyful at your inauguration….does that mean him? do you know for sure piper voted for O or was that just a general statement, inclusive of many in the christian world who did vote for O….

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