Video: How can a good God send someone to Hell?


Ever wondered how an all-loving God could allow people to go to Hell? Does Hell really exist? Is it all that bad? How does it work?

Fr. Barron clearly articulates some great insights that help us understand this horrible, yet necessary, reality of Hell:

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Simon October 28, 2009 at 10:06 am

The rejoinder that people send themselves to hell is a common enough, albeit unsatisfying, rejoinder. I’ve sometimes wondered if there’s mileage in this (concededly not much more satisfying) angle, which is at least compatible with it: God doesn’t send anyone to hell, he denies them access to heaven—or, in Fr. Barron’s argot, they decline to enter it—which leaves them outside of the walls. There we find hell in the sense of separation from God. Beyond those walls, however, souls are defenseless against being dragged by Satan into his domain, and there we find hell in the sense of flames and so on.

marie November 2, 2009 at 11:49 am

simon.. it is as if you didnt watch the video at all.. i think you completely misunderstood the whole concept of what he was saying… he was saying the light that nurishes and makes some happy is the same light that a person who craves darkness suffers through.. they are unhappy simply because they wish to be unhappy, there is no cage called hell full of fire and brimstone that God is tossing people into willy nilly.. it is a place where people chose to go to be free from the love of God, they make their own suffering and the joy of others is the fire burning their souls, a self made torture that the love of God cannot penetrate only because He will not intrude on their freewill to stop their willful suffering

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