The poll is now closed for Favorite Catholic Speaker of 2009!

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Question Mark - where are the results?

I’ve just ended voting for our big poll on who are your favorite Catholic speakers of 2009.  We had over 3000 people pick their 10 favorites.  Such an amazing turnout for the short time we had the poll up.  Thank you so much to all who participated!

So where are the results?  Well, they’re coming.  But not yet.

I’m going to announce and list the results one week from today – next Monday, September 28th.   However, I’m not going to just list the results.  I want to try something different. 

I don’t want the results of this poll to be the end of this effort.  I want them to be the beginning of something bigger.

If you support any of these great Catholics speakers.  If you support some others that didn’t make the list this year.  If you have a blog or a website or you know somebody who does.  If you want to help be a part of spreading the Truth in a unique, far-reaching way that supports the Catholic community…

Stay tuned.  And definitely swing by Fallible Blogma next Monday.  I can’t wait!  But…I have to.  Thank you for your patience and I hope you’ll be a part of this!

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