The Eye of God

Eye of God planetary nebulae

A beautiful NASA photo of a planetary nebulae (created at the end of the life of a dying, sun-like star) about 650 light years away. Perhaps a visual reminder to us of our loving God who sees all.

“The portrait offers a dizzying look down what is actually a trillion-mile-long tunnel of glowing gases. The fluorescing tube is pointed nearly directly at Earth, so it looks more like a bubble than a cylinder. A forest of thousands of comet-like filaments embedded along the inner rim of the nebula points back toward the central star, which is a small but super-hot white dwarf. These tentacles formed when a hot stellar “wind” of gas plowed into colder shells of dust and gas ejected previously by the doomed star. These comet-like filaments have been known from ground-based telescopes for decades, but never before seen in so much detail. They may actually lie in a disk encircling the hot star like a collar.” [source]

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