Have you ever tried really hard to be humble? Or found yourself trying to figure out how to act humble or appear humble? Not in a superficial pretending-to-be-humble kind of way. But in an “I genuinely want to be humble, how can I do it?” kind of way. I know I have. It’s a powerful […]

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Last week I mentioned the four cardinal virtues.  Today we will talk about the three theological virtues. If you’ve ever wanted to systematically break down the key things to focus on in order to live a good, moral life and to commune with God, the four cardinal virtues and three theological virtues are where to […]


What are they? Why are they “cardinal”? Where do they come from? Who decided on them? And why should I care? In the great movie, Gladiator, the whiny son of the emperor is complaining to his dad… “You wrote to me once, listing the four chief virtues: Wisdom, justice, fortitude and temperance. As I read […]