My wife and I play a game with our two year old son. It involves catching a fish. You never know if it’s gonna be a little, tiny fish – or a great, big whale of a fish. You can play this game on the bed, on the floor, pretty much anywhere. To begin, you […]


In this exclusive sneak peak of CATHOLICISM, find out about St. Theresa’s “Interior Castle” and where to find your very own castle. Fr. Barron also shares some excellent thoughts on the place of all those “freaky supernatural elements” of our faith and on the scientific reductionism that doesn’t get them. Worth a watch (video below)! […]


Do you aspire to be a Saint? You should. If youre ultimate goal is just to become the most famous or wealthy person in the world (or any other similar goal), you’re quite literally wasting your life. We were made for spiritual heroism – to be great Saints. Everything we do for ourselves, families and […]

Jesus your pal

All I need to worry about is “Me and Jesus,” right? Pop-Christianity has perpetuated this overly-simplistic dogma. But does it do more harm than good? I think yes. The main reason I think it does more harm than good is that it is almost always used in contrast to your relationships with other people. In […]

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Today the Church celebrates the Solemnity of Saint Joseph – the foster father to Jesus Christ and husband of Mary. He must have been doing something right and given a lot of grace to end up with such responsibility. He is the patron saint of Fathers precisely because he serves as such a great example […]

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This is another one of my favorite quotes from Mother Teresa: “If you are discouraged it is a sign of pride because it shows you trust in your own power. Your self-sufficiency, your selfishness and your intellectual pride will inhibit His coming to live in your heart because God cannot fill what is already full. […]

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“Let us note that the very tradition, teaching, and faith of the Catholic Church from the beginning, which the Lord gave, was preached by the Apostles, and was preserved by the Fathers. On this was the Church founded; and if anyone departs from this, he neither is nor any longer ought to be called a […]

saints, not celebrities

One of the things I love about our Catholic Church is that it is in the business of making Saints – not celebrities. As Catholics, we have a central authority and structured organization that unifies us.  It is a saint-making machine. Unfortunately, many non-Catholic Christians have no such unifying mechanism leaving them “belonging” to various […]