Lately in America, business owners (including those of big businesses) have gotten a bum rap. They are almost always the villains of class warfare (a favorite tactic of politicians, especially Democrats). And while some business owners are villains, most of them are not. And, more importantly, what they do is essential to our livelihood and […]


About 8 months ago our beautiful daughter, Katherine, was born. That’s when we also found out about her Down Syndrome. And in the midst of wrestling with what that meant – for her life and for our family – I realized a very important lesson. A week or two later I was walking into the […]


The Church spends a lot of time talking about the poor. As we should. But we often forget who the truly poor actually are. This is where the social justice movement frequently goes wrong. It sometimes mistakenly puts a temporal justice ahead of eternal justice, seeking to satisfy temporal impoverishment while disregarding a more important […]

The Riches of the Church

St. Lawrence joyfully revealed the riches of the Church to one of the most powerful men in the world. In return, he was executed. What were these riches? Watch the video below to find out.