Paris Tassin - American Idol

I enjoy watching American Idol, especially now with the new judges. It’s got its flaws. But overall it is nice to see people using their God given talents and going after their dreams. It’s also a fairly interesting slice of pop culture. Last week they had a great story of a young Mom of a […]

Shortcutting causes erosion

As I get older, I find myself becoming more and more of a minimalist. I want less stuff. I want less distractions. I want less good things in my life in order to make more room for the best things in life. I’m becoming a big fan of that kind of minimalism.  But there is […]

blue eyes

We spend a good part of our lives finding ourselves – figuring out who we are. In one sense, figuring out who we are is a life-long journey we never quite finish in this life. But in a more practical sense, it’s more like a starting point. It’s that point at which we feel like […]

Post image for Father-Daughter Dance: A good idea?

I think things like this are really cool. It’s an uncommon courage (unfortunately) on the part of both the fathers and the daughters to step up and participate in something like this. And it will certainly be very good for both of them:

Being a good father

Fathers are not supposed to just be providers of stuff for their kids. That is entirely secondary. We are to first provide a flesh and blood example for our families to live by while being a spiritual leader. This example we set is one that will stick with our children longer and louder than any […]


I can see what Planned Parenthood and NOW and NARAL and all of the other “pro” women groups were so upset about. I mean…this is really offensive stuff: If this one upset them so much I can’t imagine all of the

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Post image for How much do children cost?  Is it worth it?

Children are expensive, but are they worth it? It’s astounding to me how many people think the answer is no. That so many married couples (who are able to have and care for children) decide not to do so is one of the greatest tragedies of our modern time. Some of the greatest gifts and […]