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Catholics get a bad rap for thinking we somehow “merit” or “earn” our own sanctification (and salvation) through “works” that we do. But that’s a misunderstanding of what the Catholic Church actually teaches. Our sanctification (our being made holy) happens only by the Grace of God. But it does require a response on our part. […]


In this exclusive sneak peak of CATHOLICISM, find out about St. Theresa’s “Interior Castle” and where to find your very own castle. Fr. Barron also shares some excellent thoughts on the place of all those “freaky supernatural elements” of our faith and on the scientific reductionism that doesn’t get them. Worth a watch (video below)! […]


Here’s a NEW (and amazing) trailer (by Spirit Juice Studios) for the CATHOLICISM Series coming out this Fall with Fr. Barron (video below). Word on Fire also launched a cool new website for the whole series! Be sure to check it out. If you click here you can view some exclusive preview clips from each of […]


Do you aspire to be a Saint? You should. If youre ultimate goal is just to become the most famous or wealthy person in the world (or any other similar goal), you’re quite literally wasting your life. We were made for spiritual heroism – to be great Saints. Everything we do for ourselves, families and […]


It was one of the hardest teachings in Jesus’ time. So hard it caused many of his followers to leave Him. And so it remains today. Despite the ultimate intimacy with God it allows and despite the fact that even the very first Christians centered their lives and worship around it, many Christians still struggle […]


This is a Fallible-Blogma-exclusive clip from Episode 6 of the CATHOLICISM series (coming out this Fall). Here Fr. Barron clarifies one of the most commonly misunderstood characteristics of the Church: Papal Infallibility. I’ve gotten to watch episode 6 in its entirety and it’s excellent! I’m looking forward to watching all of the others, too! Click […]

St. Paul

Here’s the latest exclusive preview of the CATHOLICISM project (below), coming out this Fall 2011. This clip is from episode 5, “The Indispensable Men: Peter, Paul and the Missionary Adventure.” You can see all of the other exclusive previews of the project right here on Fallible Blogma. “Paul’s message was indeed designed to turn the […]

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Our Lady of Lourdes - Catholicism Project

One of the episodes from CATHOLICISM that I am looking forward to most is episode 4 – “Our Tainted Nature’s Solitary Boast: Mary, the Mother of God.” Mary is one of those subjects in the Church that not only engages the theological intellect, but offers so much more on so many other levels. As mother […]