Study: Marriage and lots of kids bring most happiness

A recent study has found that getting married and having children increase happiness and overall life satisfaction. Commenting on the results, author and TV personality Rachel Campos-Duffy told CNA that this runs counter to the prevailing culture and “reminds couples to appreciate each other and the beautiful messiness of child-rearing right here and now.”

Published on Oct. 14 in the online edition of the Journal of Happiness Studies, the study, titled “Children and Life Satisfaction” emphasizes the importance of couples being married with children, versus unmarried with children. The study concluded that single, separated or cohabiting people with children reported negative experiences as opposed to married couples with children, who reported positive experiences.

Dr. Luis Angeles, professor at Glasgow University in Scotland and author of the study stated that “one is tempted to advance that children make people better off under the ‘right conditions’ – a time in life when people feel they are ready or at least willing, to enter parenthood.” Angeles continued to say that “this time can come at very different moments for different individuals, but a likely signal of its approach may well be the act of marriage.”

Ya think?

The study also concluded that the more children a married couple has, the greater the life satisfaction, especially for women.

Oh, how counter-cultural. It goes on to say:

Commenting on the findings of the study, author and mother of six Rachel Campos-Duffy told CNA, “I think most people would be surprised by the finding, perhaps married people with kids included! After all, we are affected by our culture and our culture does not honor the notion of sacrifice. It has difficulty processing the idea that nurturing and giving of oneself can bring pleasure and satisfaction.” [full story]

Rachel hits the nail on the head. And not only does sacrifice often bring pleasure and satisfaction in the end, it’s also good for us. It’s what makes us into tough, humble, good people. I’d say we could use more of that. I know I could.

And not only does it make us into good people, but it sanctifies us. I’d say we could use more of that, also.

I know I could.

Yet our current culture is redefining marriage to something entirely different (or is running from it all together) and comes up with all sorts of reasons not to have children. Our current culture is desperate for any little thing that will allow them to shirk the sacrifice and get the pleasure and satisfaction for free.  Of course, we’re finding there’s no such short cuts in this life.  We wonder why we aren’t happy. We wonder why we have so many problems. We wonder why the suicide rate and depression rates are through the roof.

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