Some Dems want abortion more than health care

The abortion industry took to Capitol Hill today to rally the troops to make sure that the government funds abortion in healthcare. St. Michael Society editors infiltrated the Stop Stupak rally and got to hear and see first hand what the pro-abortion side is up to.

Between bashing the Stupak and Hyde amendment and literally hissing at any mention of the government not paying for abortion, the crowd cheered Cecile Richards and an abortionist who works at Planned Parenthood in DC. They loved it when Rep. Diana Degette (D-CO) said “HELL, NO” to voting for any type of bill that contains the Stupak Amendment and they went wild for Rep. Jerry Adler (D-NY) when he said that the pro-choice movement will not forgive a Member who votes for any type of Stupak language this time around. [read the rest and view photos and video from the event at St. Michael Society]

This debate continues to rage in the peripheral of this national health care debate. The Catholic Church, its Bishops and generally the entire pro-life community has accepted an “abortion neutral” stance in this important attempt to reform health care. That is…we are not going to hold important health care reform efforts hostage in order to insist on immediate changes to abortion law in this country. We recognize that both are important and doing such would not be a moral way to bring about justice (The Stupak amendment does just that). Many pro-choicers aren’t willing to do the same. They intend to vote against any health care reform that doesn’t also significantly advance their abortion agenda. Who do you think genuinely cares more about improving our health care system?

I mentioned this lingering problem awhile back here on Fallible Blogma and despite the many attempts by some to pretend we are closer to passing meaningful health care reform, in terms of this issue, I think it’s actually gotten worse.

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