Senate votes to expand abortion coverage, to pass health care bill


The most important news to absorb is that Senator Nelson – at this point – has caved and is promising to support Senator Reid’s pro-abortion bill when it is voted upon at 1AM tonight {update – he did cave and became the 60th and final vote for Reid’s pro-abortion bill.}

He refused to listen to pro-life groups who were attempting to support him, opting instead to strike a backroom deal with Senator Reid which saves his state of Nebraska $100 million over the next decade, as I report on the APP blog.

Others have noted the implications of Nelson’s “sweetheart” deal:

“Deacon Keith Fournier describes this as Nelson’s “bag of silver.” Fournier explains, “If Senator Ben Nelson actually sold his vote for a bag of silver for Nebraska then this has become a ‘Judas moment’ not a ‘Thomas More moment’ and its implications are evil.”

Read the full recap by Thomas Peters. He does a great job summing it up and providing helpful links.

But basically a bunch of fence sitting senators (that realized if they voted for this bill they could lose their senate seat in the next election) were given $100+ million bribes by the majority party (Democrats) in the senate to vote for this horrible bill that we can’t afford, will end up passing even more debt onto our children and expands federal coverage of abortion (paid for by your tax dollars) to an unprecedented level. This is political corruption at its worst.

I pray that the House of Representatives will at the very least fix the abortion language of the bill before they pass it…but I’m not all that hopeful.

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Deacon T December 21, 2009 at 10:46 am

John 11:35

Angela Santana December 21, 2009 at 12:46 pm

Sounds like our actions are not making a difference. It’s a time for Eucharistic Adoration.

Sarah December 22, 2009 at 8:59 am

As a woman who had a very difficult, expensive first pregnancy – one that for months removed the option of doing half of the job I love, and eventually pulled me from my job entirely while I was on bed rest, one that caused intense physical pain for months, then at the end cost us almost more than we could afford – a pregnancy the was very much wanted, but yet a significant and unexpected personal and financial sacrifice, I ask you all to keep in mind that abortion is not just about one person. Adoption doesn’t remove the risks inherent in pregnancy, and it doesn’t mitigate the difficulties some women have when carrying a child. Adoption doesn’t prevent the side effects some women suffer after giving birth, or the medical problems they may have for years afterwards.

As a woman who recently suffered the miscarriage of her second child, a daughter who would have been born this month, I ask you to consider that sometimes life isn’t meant to be, for whatever reason.

As a decent human being, I believe that regardless of one’s personal feelings, it is not for one to judge the actions of a desperate or sick or poor or helpless woman, or force her to suffer needlessly for months for one’s own personal gratification. It is however, the responsibility of every person to look at the entire situation with compassion and reason, and to consider that perhaps this “debate” is not so black and white.

Carol January 9, 2010 at 12:55 pm

As a woman who went through a harrowing miscarriage herself, I can say from the depths of my heart how sorry I am for your loss. It is that very sense of loss that I feel that compels me to point out that at the start of my miscarriage, I got to see my dead baby on ultrasound. Regardless of whether she made it from my womb or not, she WAS alive, and then she was no more. Just because other’s eyes didn’t get to view her does not negate the meaning of her life.

Life is life. That has nothing to do with “one’s own personal gratification”. Did the person who stopped the terrorist on Christmas day do it for his gratification? It is written in the fiber of our being, regardless of religion, to deplore killing other human beings. Protecting a life is not judging the actions of the killer.

It is not decent to lie to women (us) and tell us that killing our babies is a good thing. It is not decent to keep from us the statistics that a significant portion of women who get abortions:
1. Suffer from depression
2. Become infertile
3. Increase their risk of getting breast cancer by 40%.
I believed the “abortions are good” lie for far too long, even participating in NOW organized marches and demonstrations in Washington DC.

A friend of mine got an abortion over 15 years ago, and still suffers from guilt over the loss. She is neither Catholic nor Christian. On the other hand my sister had two babies after only 6 months of gestation each. They had minimal difficulties upon birth and are now very healthy 11 and 13 year olds. A doctor told my mother with absolute certainty that I would be born with Down’s Syndrome. This was not the case. Please understand that I have suffered through four very difficult pregnancies including hospitalization with this last one. I am VERY aware of the potential risks and tribulations involved; but the fact of the matter is that these problems, far from being the norm are quite rare, especially in the demographic of young women that encompass the majority of abortions.

You are absolutely right: this is not a black and white case, but unfortunately the law is black and white: all or none. Moreover the very writing of the law broke our own Country’s fundamental system of the balance of powers. The Supreme Court does not write laws: it clarifies and upholds or denies laws. But to claim the authority of writing laws out of nowhere gives it a frightening authority, that in the wrong hands can and will be abused to evil ends. Most people don’t understand the true implications of Roe v. Wade to our country. It went far beyond abortion. When the justices went in a back room, sat down and invented law out of thin air, they completely changed the fabric of our government and completely eliminated the “checks and balance” system that had served us so well for two centuries.

The final lie that we’ve been sold regards the “desperate or sick or poor or helpless woman.” Even assuming this is the case, which I doubt occurs the majority of the time, the sad truth is that they are likely in that state because they were sold the lie that contraceptives are completely effective. They were sold the lie that they aren’t fulfilled unless they are promiscuous. They are sold the lie that their own personal comfort justifies the slaughter of not just a strange innocent life, but their own beloved child. How sick is that?

enness July 13, 2011 at 10:58 am

Carol certainly seems more personally qualified to answer, but let me add this: I think pro-lifers, in general, do realize that. I think that is why, as I was up late reading the 40 Days for Life blog, it is clear they offer material support and not just moral support.

Second and more importantly, we must never conflate natural death — however tragic and untimely — with deliberate taking of innocent life! This is not even apples and oranges; it’s more like apples and orangutans.

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