Save Big Government Health Care! has just launched a new video about health care and why we need to look out for Big Government. It’s a parody of the video Will Ferrell did on why we need to look out for the big health insurance companies. Both were (very) sarcastic, of course.

Here’s the (a branch off from video:

What do you think? I think it’s funny and entertaining. Although I think the approach took in it’s Life: Imagine the Potential videos were much more effective at changing hearts and minds than this one. Those videos simply let the truth speak for itself rather than using sarcasm. But this video still makes an important point.

I get frustrated in national debates like the current health care debate for a few reasons. One reason is that so many people assume that if you’re against the government doing something, then you must be against doing that something all together. This, of course, is ignorant. But it is also a testament to the unhealthy dependency so many Americans have on our government.

Any time there is a problem that needs fixing their knee-jerk expectation is for the government to take care of it. That is such an un-American attitude. And it could eventually be the end of us.

The government has a proper role to play to be sure. But the idea that it should be the arbiter, controller and champion of every cause in our society is not only foolish, it’s dangerous. This is one of the very reasons our founding fathers in the United States gave us a constitutional republic with a federal government having very limited jurisdiction and power. Unfortunately, we’ve long over-stepped those boundaries. And, overall, I don’t think we’re better off for it.

Faithful Catholics can have honest disagreement on where the line should be drawn. But it’s fairly obvious that the government is, in almost every case, the worst pick for almost any job. And as corrupt as many big corporations are, they’ve got nothin’ on our federal government. That’s the truth. So it seems grossly immoral to empower our federal government any more than absolutely necessary.

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