Fill your head with something meaningful (Like good free stuff)

Fill your brain with something meaningful

We spend so much time filling our minds with relatively meaningless trivialities like sports statistics, repetitive news headlines, gossip, idle morning-show chat, and intimate details of strangers’ lives (i.e. “reality” TV).  And some of those things have their place in life.  But do we balance that out with some more helpful stuff?  Should we not spend at least as much time (and probably much more time) listening to things that truly edify us?  How much time do we spend on things that build us into a better person?  how much time do we spend thinking, contemplating and praying about this mysterious experience and gift that is our life?

It seems that relativism has killed our curiosity.  So many people assume there is no objective truth to be found.  So they’ve stopped questioning.  They’ve stopped looking for answers.  We’re in a sad state.  But deep down, their hearts thirst for these answers.  And they will continue to unconsciously fill that void with the pleasures and moment of the world until they once again seek out what they were made for.

There are some great resources out there that can help.

Peter Kreeft, the prolific author and surf-board philosopher, offers some great audio downloads on his website – all for FREE.  You’d be just plain off the train not to check them out.  Don’t be plain off the train.

They include topics like:

  • How to Win the Culture War — A call to arms, identifying the real enemies and mapping key battlefields
  • Divine Truth—The Heart’s Deepest Longing — Explores the nature of self, subjective truth, objective truth and Christ as the Truth
  • Ecumenism Without Compromise — Denominationalism is not just a Christian scandal, but absolutely intolerable
  • Uncommon Insights Into Evil from Lord of the Rings — Calls attention to Tolkien’s great words reminding us about forgotten wisdom on evil
  • A Refutation of Moral Relativism — Not just a strong case against it, but a refutation of the philosophy that no society has ever survived
  • Making Sense Out of Suffering — Tackles questions related to the nature of suffering, evil and sin
  • Arguments for God’s Existence — Five classic defenses for believing in God
  • Women and the Priesthood — Why “only boys can be the daddies”
  • Moral Theology and Homosexuality — Traditional moral wisdom for modern moral confusion
  • Pro-Life Philosophy — The philosophical case against abortion
  • Sex in Heaven — Imaging the fire of God’s love
  • The One Thing Needed — Life’s most important activity
  • And many more!

Download them.  Burn them to a CD.  Put them on your phone or your iPod.  They are great to listen to on the way to work or on road trips.

And this is just one example.  There are lots of other great resources out there that will truly improve your life.  Just make sure it’s not some new age, health and wealth, forget the guilt, pantheistic, self-help resource.  Get something with some meat and some objective truth to it.  Challenge yourself to be the person God made you to be.

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Jill October 10, 2009 at 11:04 pm

I think that’s one of the causes of the plague of depression in this country. As a nation we have turned from God and only He can fill that God-shaped hole He intentionally put inside us.

Jill October 10, 2009 at 11:05 pm

Hey do u have some kind of badge so I can link to your blog?

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