Quote of the Day: What we don’t need

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Matthew Kelly provides some keen insights in his book, The Rhythm of Life. Here’s a quote that stuck out to me for today – the biggest shopping day of the year.

“You never can get enough of what you don’t really need!” – Matthew Kelly

It’s funny we have a day characterized by just how much stuff we buy. And for the most part, it’s stuff we don’t really need. And it’s weird that the day after we celebrate our thankfulness for the things we do have, we wake up insanely early to knock down the doors of every shopping mall so we can get even more stuff. It seems not so much that we’re thankful for the things we do have, and more that we’re thankful for the opportunity to get more things.

I know that many of the things that will be bought today are gifts for others – which is great. But are they things that we really need? Are they genuine acts of charity for the well-being of others? Or is it just another reason to indulge our obsession with more stuff that we don’t need – stuff that we will never truly be able to get enough of.

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Phil November 29, 2008 at 12:46 am

This is so true. We all have too much. Just think of the impact if one year everyone spent every cent of their Christmas money on charities rather than each other buying more ‘stuff’. What an impact that would make, even if for just one year.

And furthermore, it’s so sad to hear stories like today where some poor man who worked at Walmart got trampled to death by people who rushed into the store the get the best deal, to get there first before the next guy, me me me me me me me. The “Me ME ME” mentality, as I like to call it, seems to spreading like a virus in this country, weakening us further each and every day. What a horrible thing. Honestly it makes me want to throw up.

Love thy neighbor. Open the door for him. Look him in the eye and tell him ‘Hello’. Help him up when he falls. Why have we stopped doing this for each other?

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