Quote of the Day: Raising your heart to God

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A nice thought from Bishop Emmanuel de Gibergues on continually, and unceasingly, raising our hearts to God throughout the ordinary tasks of our day.

“Promise yourself, for instance, that when you hear the clock strike, when you pass from one room to another, when you sit down at table or at your desk, when you seal a letter or collect your things to go out, on entering a house or on leaving it, and in hundreds of other circumstances that you will determine, to raise your heart for an instant to God.  No means are petty when used for great ends.” – Bishop Emmanuel de Gibergues

It is amazing the power given to us in small things – in our small abilities.  It is their sum that make the great.  No means are petty when used for great ends – I love that.

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gm April 13, 2009 at 4:22 pm

I love this

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