God is.

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“I believe God loves the world through us – through you and through me. We use Mother Teresa’s name; it is only a name, but we are real co-workers and carriers of His love. Today God loves the world through us. Especially in times like these when people are trying to make God ‘was,’ it is you and I, by our love, by the purity of our lives, by our compassion, who prove to the world that God ‘is.'” – Mother Teresa

So simply and beautifully put by Mother Teresa. These words ring very true today. Secularism and materialism persistently insist that God “was.” They try and convince us that we have no need of God anymore. And no matter how wrong they are (we need him to even exist), God does not force himself upon the world.

He’s given us the great responsibility of free will; the free will to allow him to work or to shut him out. It is up to us by our faith in action, our works of love, to show the world that God “is” – reminding them how much we do, in fact, need him more than ever.

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Kimi January 12, 2009 at 11:37 pm

Terrific post. You have expressed my sentiments exactly in your final paragraph!God ‘IS’

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