Quote of the Day: Are you convinced?


“Do you know why you’re so convincing when you preach? Because you’re convinced.” – some lady to Fr. Corapi

A youth minister friend of mine shared this quote with me today. He said, “I think it’s a good lesson to remember when we’re evangelizing, and especially when teaching youth. They can smell falsehood a mile away, and if we don’t believe what we teach, they never will.”

It’s a profoundly simple quote. And we can apply it to every aspect of living the Christian life and being a witness to those around us. People can see right through a phony – especially kids.

It especially made me think of a parent’s role in teaching their kids. There are a lot of parents that insist on their kids going to mass every Sunday – but they never teach them why it’s so important. They try and scare their kids away from having pre-marital sex – but never teach them the real beauty of sex itself. They say don’t curse – but it was they their kids learned it from in the first place. They say always put your family first and then go and spend all of their time at work.

They aren’t themselves convinced. Yet they expect their kids to grow up being convinced?

It’s not enough for us to preach with only words. And it’s still not enough to preach it with our actions. We must preach it with our heart – with a passion. We must be convinced.

From our heart flows our action. And from our action flows, when necessary, our words.

Are you convinced?

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