Prayers for Catholic Men


“The moment the alarm sounds is the heroic moment.” So says Mike Pacer, author of a new book, Prayers for Catholic Men

He’s right.  And his book is filled with other such prayerful insights into every aspect of our lives – but most especially the life of a man.

This book is specifically geared very well towards the everyday Catholic man.  How so?  It’s practical.  You know, like us everyday sorta Catholic men.

First, it’s small and compact.  This thing will fit in your pocket.  It will fit in your briefcase.  It’s easy to hold in the palm of your hand and read just about anywhere – while walking, crowding onto a subway train, waiting for a meeting, leaning at a urinal, waiting for paint to dry, standing in line at the hardware store, catching your breath after a set of sit-ups, or during timeouts of a basketball game.

Second, it covers just about every topic a guy could need.  From starting your day, to ending it.  From new life to end of life.  From single to married.  From success to failure.  From work to play.  From listening to leading.  From pain to purity.  From sickness to strength.  From spouse to self.  It’s got something that speaks to just about every aspect of being a man.  And the author has some great, quick insights that go along with each short, meaningful prayer that addresses each of these things and more.

It also contains a quick reference of many of the main traditional prayers of the Church – like the Rosary, the Angelus, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Anima Christi and many, many more.  So it’s great for just getting us up to speed on many of these amazing prayers (when perhaps it’s been awhile since we’ve prayed a lot of them!).  And it gives us an easy means to pull them up and pray them at a moment’s impulse.

Third, the prayers are simple and quick.  They aren’t these Old English, thou shalt not translate this prayer into something that makes sense in our modern language kind of prayers.  They are so simple and to the point even a caveman could understand them (which is good news for some of us cave-dwellers). You will understand exactly what you are praying when you pray these prayers.  And you can pray most of them in about 30 seconds.  So there’s no excuse about just “not having enough time.”

And don’t misunderstand me. Even though the book is simple and to the point, it still manages to be exceedingly insightful at every turn.

This book is a great guide for any Catholic man.  But especially for one who wants to start integrating prayer more deeply into his everyday life but just feels too busy or doesn’t know how to do so.  Prayers for Catholic Men gives a guy numerous prayers for ordinary (and extraordinary) daily situations that he can easily pray throughout the day.  It’s a great way to continually remind ourselves, no matter what we’re doing, to be constantly refocusing what we’re doing back towards God – so that we are truly “praying without ceasing.”

If you’re interested, you can pick up this book from the Catholic Company by going here.

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Bill February 23, 2009 at 2:52 pm

I ordered this prayer book last week on your recommendation, and received it Friday (those folks are sure quick with the shipping!). It is indeed a great collection of prayers. I’m still using my hand-written Moleskine full of personal selections, but this would be very useful if I didn’t have an alternative.

Thanks for suggesting it! I’ll second the recommendation.

Sean O' November 6, 2010 at 10:55 am

Good morning,

I ordered 4 copies of “Prayers for Catholic Men” some time ago, and have yet to receive an acknowledgement or the books.

If there’s a problem, please lemme know.

Sean O’

Matthew Warner November 9, 2010 at 1:19 pm

Sean – I think you’ll want to followup with whoever you ordered the books from. I am not personally involved with the book or the selling of them…just read it and posted about it here on my blog.

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