Wisconsin: Another Planned Parenthood caught covering up child rape


Live Action does it again. Below is yet another example of the corruption and immorality of Planned Parenthood. I’m in shock really. Every time I see one of these videos I think it is just another video of the same instance. But it’s not. This is like the 10th time Live Action has exposed a different abortion (and in particular Planned Parenthood) center conducting blatantly illegal activity that is harmful to women.

[Hat tip to St. Michael Society]

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Crislee February 23, 2010 at 4:35 pm

And can a 14 year old CHILD have an abortion? Gee don’t they need a parent to decide on a “medical procedure?”
If she wants a boob job doesn’t a parent have to sign. If she needs a kidney transplant doesn’t a parent have to sign for it? What is wrong with this pictures. Even if we put the sex crime aside!!!

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