1 plus 2 equals more to life

We worry a lot about “education” in this country. On a political level we bicker and argue about why one state’s math scores are higher than another’s. And at home, we put our kids through a heck of a lot (and we sacrifice a lot) to make sure they pass their tests, know how to […]


One of my favorite scenes from Cars, the movie, is when Sally takes McQueen out for a drive…just to go for a drive. And they come upon a magnificent view of the landscape. One that everybody else seems not to even know exists anymore. Sally: Forty years ago, that interstate down there didn’t exist. Lightning McQueen: […]


Right now, there are a lot of things you’re missing out on. Somewhere out there, you’re missing one of the greatest concerts of all time. Right now, you’re missing out on meeting a new friend that could help you most in your time of need. Somewhere on a shelf, you’re missing out on a book […]


“It is a good life that makes you pleasing to God, not high-sounding words and clever expressions. It is better to feel contrition for your sins than to know how to define it. What good is it to know the entire Bible by heart and to learn the sayings of all the philosophers if you […]


Rookie moms and dads often struggle with their new role as parents. Will I ever be good enough? Am I up to the challenge? How can I possibly withstand the immeasurable weight that is the blind confidence of an innocent, little child? We see other mothers and fathers, perhaps our own, and wonder how we’ll […]


In all 50 States, it’s legal to kill a baby this old for any reason, no questions asked. And over 200,000 mothers, tragically, choose to do so in our country every year, including many whose babies are much older than this one. This baby (I’m assuming it’s a model) is about 12 weeks gestation (about […]


Lately in America, business owners (including those of big businesses) have gotten a bum rap. They are almost always the villains of class warfare (a favorite tactic of politicians, especially Democrats). And while some business owners are villains, most of them are not. And, more importantly, what they do is essential to our livelihood and […]


No, not your Idol – although it may be that, too. But what’s your idle? Each day naturally gives us idle moments. How do you spend them? What activities do you thoughtlessly gravitate toward doing when an idle moment hits? What’s your idle? Just like driving in stop-n-go traffic, we can easily spend a very […]