Obama promoting Planned Parenthood on Gov “Service” website

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President Barack Obama promised when he was a presidential candidate in July 2007 that he would be a lapdog for the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Obama is now making good on that promise by promoting Planned Parenthood on his new volunteerism web site, Serve.gov. [full story]

Granted, this website has thousands of service “opportunities,” including ones for real pregnancy help centers – you know, the kind that actually help women and their babies, as opposed to scarring women for life by helping them kill their children. But this isn’t a matter of balance. It’s a matter of justice. And to promote services that kill innocent babies in the womb as a way to “serve” your country is horrifically backwards. Yet, this is where we are.

Oh, and yes, of course, your tax dollars are going to pay for all of this. Just makes you feel all good inside.

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Mike October 21, 2009 at 12:04 pm

It’s my understanding that you can register your project at http://serve.gov/recruit.asp – so why don’t 40 Days for Life and other pro-life groups register as well? I’m as pro-life as they come, but you can’t blame Obama for not forbidding people from putting stuff up on the site.

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