National Pro-life T-Shirt Week

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prolife-t-shirtDon’t forget that it’s National Pro-life T-Shirt Week!

You can find more info, as well as some cool pro-life t-shirts, on American Life League’s official NPLTW website.

T-shirts are a great, little way to give a voice to the voiceless.  Especially if you’re not as comfortable being as vocal when standing up for the unborn.  A good shirt can often get the point across and make a difference without ever having to bring it up or say a word.  It’s a great conversation starter, though, too!

Please support this effort this week.  Buy pro-life shirts.  Wear them all week.  And then keep wearing them after that.

This is one of those issues that simply needs to have more light shed on it to convince people of the truth.  Such is the nature of all Truth.

Once people truly face the reality of abortion, they overwhelmingly condemn it.  But as long as we let these tragedies hide behind so called “rights to choose” and “privacy” misnomers, people will continue to turn a blind eye to the millions of babies being slaughtered in our country every year.

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Jennifer April 30, 2009 at 2:42 pm

Wow, that shirt is awesome

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