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If you’ve ever uttered a negative word about one politician, I hope you’re registered to vote. I hope you’re registered to vote even if you haven’t. It’s important.

We have a very important mid-term election coming up this Fall. Let’s make it the beginning of some real change. And not just change for change’s sake, but responsible, moral, educated change. The kind of change that looks like the governed taking control of their governors. That kind of change is a mark of a healthy democracy – not a tired one.

Here’s a well-done video recapping many of the recent political issues to motivate us a bit (courtesy of CatholicVote):

And don’t be afraid to go out and vote with your religious convictions. The morality of our nation depends on it. A moral nation is dependent upon religious principle. And we’re in need of a good dose.

Get educated. Get involved. Then get out there and vote.

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Steve P July 21, 2010 at 9:32 am

I agree that it’s important to get folks involved in the political process but, boy, that’s a pretty partisan ad. With its ominous music and grainy footage, it seems more like something produced by the tea-party ad than a Catholic group.

I hope Catholic voters truly educate themselves about the major issues, such as immigration reform and the economic stimulus, that are much more nuanced than is suggested by ads such as these. The USCCB has a ton of resources on their website that can help in this regard.

While there are certain issues that are non-negotiable (such as abortion), Catholics voters don’t need to support every policy of the extreme right.

Dan B August 21, 2010 at 10:05 pm

Steve, Catholics can support measures designed to oppose and stop illegal immigration. Some might even say it is our moral duty.

Matthew, playing off this post, I had a question. Lot’s of “traditional” Catholics I have encountered have called me a “modernist” and a “liberal heretic” for my involvement with the GOP and the Tea Party movement. They claim the syllabus of errors condemns American style conservatism. How do I counter this? If I bring up the Constitution, they say it promotes freedom of religion, thus heretical. If I bring up the US as a Christian nation, they say it’s a heretical protestant nation. What can I do to counter these claims? It’s scaring me, that the political party and ideology that I’ve embraced for years might be heresy…

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