Mom wants baby after trying to kill it

Baby in the womb - 4D scan

Utah’s legislature will be asked to deal with a loophole in homicide law that allowed a teenager to be set free after hiring someone to beat her to cause a miscarriage.

State Representative Carl Wimmer launched the move in the legislature after the law was used by a judge to release the 17-year-old. “[The judge] made a comparison to a medical procedure abortion,” says the state lawmaker. “And [as far as] hiring this thug to beat her until the baby died, he said there’s no difference — which is absolutely absurd.”

…Currently law states that if a pregnant woman is beaten and loses her child, a homicide has occurred. [Full story]

A sick story – no doubt.  But, while tragic and horrible, this is also a good story to be getting some attention.  It is precisely these stories that reveal most starkly the strong contradictions in the pro-abortion argument.  It reveals the brutality and violence of abortion.

As long as abortions happen behind closed doors and by way of pill or chemical or “surgical procedure” all administered by a “doctor” it is allowed to remain a rather sterile and boring event in the minds of pro-choice lemmings. The issue remains largely faceless for them – just a private procedure to remove a piece of tissue from the mother’s body which many believe is not even a living human person.  With a little imagination on their part, they can refuse to face reality – and go on believing in their fairy tale.

Events like this force honest people back into reality a bit.  They are forced to ask what the difference really is between burning a baby to death through legal abortion, tearing a baby limb-from-limb by legal abortion, or simply beating the baby to death (like was attempted in this case)?  Personally, if I had to pick I might pick the “beating to death” over the other options.  But maybe I’m crazy.

But this is exactly why some of these incremental pro-life laws are absolutely vital in the fight to recognize the natural human right to life of all human beings.  It is obvious that if somebody murders a mom and her unborn baby that they have committed a double homicide.  It is obvious that if somebody intentionally beats a pregnant woman in the stomach killing her baby that person has committed murder.  It is obvious that a baby born alive after a botched abortion should be cared for as a human being…because they are a human being!

Any child knows these things.  And any honest person can also see that if all of these are true and that we are dealing with the life of a human being in the womb, then so must abortion be ending the life of an innocent human being.  We can’t have it both ways.  And incidents like this force this contradiction into the public square to be dealt with.  Supporters of abortion just need to be educated as to the reality of what they are actually supporting.  Surely almost all of them have no clue.

What is even more stunning, notes the lawmaker, is that the child was born alive — and now, the teen has applied for custody of the baby.

Wow. That is going to be an awkward conversation when the child grows up and finds out that her mom tried to kill her.  Let us pray for all of those involved and thank God for the life of every person.

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Inge October 20, 2009 at 10:18 am

My mom has repeatedly told me it would be better for her if I wouldn’t have born. I suffered a lot from that as a child, later all contact with my mom was severed.
The Church asked me to re-establish contact as part of my process to come into full communion with the Church. Since then, my relationship with my mom never has been better than it is now.
Miracles do happen. Maybe this teen changed her heart too, we cannot look inside her heart, only God can. In the mean while, let’s give her the advantage of doubt instead of condemning her. People are stupid, people do stupid things. God is merciful, which is a good thing, otherwise nobody would end up in heaven.

Matthew Warner October 20, 2009 at 10:34 am

I totally agree, Inge! Surely this mother is struggling with quite a lot to do what she did. And I do hope that she’s had a change of heart. However, I’m not sure it seems all that safe for the child to be in her custody at this point. But that will be left to those involved to figure out, of course. My point for bringing it up was not to point out the particulars of this case or to condemn the mother, but to recognize the legal battle that is resulting from it and its importance to the pro-life movement on that front.

That is wonderful about you and your mom now. And yes, thanks be to God for His mercy!

Ichabod's Cranium October 26, 2009 at 2:13 pm

That is indeed upsetting.
I do basically agree with what you’re saying, Inge.
But I also have to think that it might not be a great idea to allow her custody of the child.
We know (by observing and by experience) that people tend to be inconsistent with their intentions, especially with emotionally turbulent decisions. And even more so with teenagers.
Commitments and responsibilities tend to be tossed aside when an individual feels their comfort level is being compromised.

I want to give this girl the benefit of the doubt, but for the safety and well-being of the child this might not be one of those times where this would be a suitable training ground.

just a voice December 29, 2009 at 10:56 am

i personally know this 17 year old girl and she dated my boyfriend during the time she was pregnant only months before the lets call it “hit” cause lets face it that is what she put on her child. months before the “hit” she was on my boyfriends computer looking for pills and chemicals to try to kill her baby. This is an outrage. Yes abortions are legal but there is such a thing as illegal abortion and that is exactly what this girl tried to do she should have been charged with something. i am personally still speaking with this girl and she has made up multiple stories to multiple people to try to cover her tracks saying she didnt try to kill it but the evidence points the other way. She should not nor ever have custody of this child, she doesnt deserve it and she definitely doesnt obviously have what it takes to be a loving supporting good mother.

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