Planned Parenthood Exposed…again and again

Lila Rose and Live Action

Everyone needs to check out  This is a phenomenal pro-life, new media organization led up by a brave young lady named Lila Rose.  She started Live Action when she was 15 years old. You may have heard of her from some of the undercover investigative reporting she’s done exposing Planned Parenthood’s disregard for law and life.

Here’s one such investigation:

The organization is a “a youth led movement dedicated to advancing life rights and the truth that all men are created equal. We use new media and educational presentations to celebrate life and expose threats posed against the vulnerable and defenseless.”

Read more about Lila Rose and the impressive work she is doing here.

Here is an older clip on TV documenting another one of her reports:

This is an organization worth supporting and praying for. Thank you, Live Action.

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