Line Between Church and State: Archbishop Chaput opines

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Archbishop Chaput of Denver Diocese

Archbishop Chaput is pretty darn awesome at speaking on this topic. In this video (below) he addresses the misrepresentation of Church teaching by irresponsible politicians (like Pelosi and Biden), Vatican II, vocations, progressives/conservatives, the legislative process and much more.

I also have his book, “Render Unto Ceasar,” that I hope to read sometime very soon.

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Deacon Tom April 19, 2010 at 10:05 pm

You may see by my name that I am a deacon. I was educated for four years in the deacon formation program in Denver under Archbishop Chaput. One of my proudest pictures from my ordination is the one taken with the AB with his hands on my head at the moment of my ordination. What a gift it was to become a deacon under his pastoral leadership — and although I am not resident in his diocese now — I try to stay in contact with his leadership and teaching. Thank you Lord God for Archbishop Charles. Hear our prayers for him and the other bishops and clergy of our Church.

Thanks for sharing this video. Great interview.


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