Kerry Kennedy’s “Being Catholic Now”


I saw Kerry Kennedy’s book on the shelf in the bookstore recently and took a quick peek at it. That was long enough. The book includes chapters from numerous “public” Catholics containing their own thoughts on what it means to “Be Catholic Now.” It’s a sad reflection of how even so many intelligent, well meaning and well-known Catholics miss so much of what it means to be Catholic…now or any other time.

Fr. Barron sums up my general discontent with his thoughtful, more helpful comments. He also stresses well the essential need to keep the institutional Church connected to the social justice cause in a real way.

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VHernandez June 4, 2009 at 8:14 am

Hello Matthew,

Although it pains me to say it, this is further evidence of the poor catechesis?we, as catholic laypeople, have received in this country. I see some signs that this issue is finally coming light to but I fear it will be generations before we see the fruits of improved instruction.

Artie June 4, 2009 at 7:14 pm

VHernandez keep hope in this. We are about to experience a new spring time in the Church and I believe we will the JPII youth generation will see it in their life time. I have a good friend in his mid twenties who just finished pre-theology and is going to be studying in Rome for his last 4 years before becoming a priest.

He told me the future of the Church is really looking bright. A lot of this has to do with Catholics Coming Home campaign.

Teenagers and Young Adults are tired of the secular culture and moral relativism. We want the TRUTH! We want to know what the Church teaches! We want to be obedient to Christ and mother Church. We want to hear at least some Latin at Mass, we love Gregorian Chants and an authentic Mass without liturgical abuses!

Shortly after VII there was indeed poor Catechesis and it was not the fault of VII as Vatican II was a great thing, it is just some on the left and some on the right did not take it for what it really was.

Credit EWTN, Catholic Answers, and many bloggers like Mark Shea and even our dear friend Matthew Warner.

People will reject the Church’s teaching and others will embrace it! Pope Benedict would rather have a small and faithful Church that would blossom compared to people trying to change the Church… I tend to agree.

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