Hold your baby before birth?


Cool new technology will let you hold a real model of your actual baby before he/she is born.  Pretty interesting!

This is just one more way that technology has been able to make the reality of human life that much more real for us.  For thousands of years people have been able to more easily rationalize that this living human being inside of the mother’s body is somehow not human (even though it kept kicking them in the ribs).

In other words, we knew so little about human development and when human life actually began, it was easier for people to project whatever “reality” was most convenient for them.  If they wanted the baby to just be a piece of tissue they could dispose of, well they just kept their eyes closed and got rid of this “piece of tissue.”

But in recent centuries and most especially in recent decades, technology has clarified all of this for us beyond a doubt.  We can literally see this baby human being inside of the mother.  We can listen to her heartbeat.  We can operate and treat this patient in the womb.  Embryologists have confirmed that a new, unique individual human life is created at the very moment of conception.  This is indisputable, scientific fact.  Any scientifically minded person knows this reality.

And now this new tool takes it a step further.  Now that we can take actual 4-D pictures of our babies in the womb, we can also make actual life-size models of the exact baby.  Every woman thinking about having an abortion should be required to first go through this exercise so she better understands the human life she wants to trump with her “choice.”


Sadly, we have a lot of people too scared or too ideologically blind that insist on keeping their eyes shut to this truth.

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Larry West July 2, 2009 at 6:08 pm

I love when technology is used to fulfill God’s will and not destroy it. This must really confound Pro-Choicers. The more we know scientifically the more God’s plan is evident …and plans against it are exposed for their depravity.

Joe July 3, 2009 at 10:47 am

This is awesome! What a great application of this wonderful technology. I can only imagine the good that it might do. Let’s pray that every hospital adopt it soon!
Thanks for sharing this Matt!

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