Gov tries to force Catholic College to cover abortions

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In a remarkable act of government overreaching, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has charged Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina with potential discrimination against women. The reason? The college’s determination, consistent with Catholic teaching, that it could not extend health-insurance coverage to its employees for abortion, prescription contraceptives or sterilization services.

The commission argued that such services would be sought primarily by women. Therefore, according to its logic, the college must be discriminating against them by refusing to pay for coverage.

Evidently the college’s determination — which is based on its freedom under the First Amendment to exercise its faith freely — has little traction with the federal government.

The commission initially, and reasonably, ruled that the college’s decision, made in December 2007, did not run afoul of any law or rule and was therefore not discriminatory. But a few months later, it inexplicably changed course, issuing a letter asserting that the college’s policies were discriminatory. Worse still, it refused to explain its change of mind even when asked. (Full story here)

Government:  “Sure, you can be whatever religion you want…as long as you do what we say.”

Gee, that’s swell.

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Liraco October 12, 2009 at 10:12 am

I thought this was precisely what the constitution was meant to protect (as opposed to the non-existant “separation of church and state”).

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