Goodbye. For now. I’ll be back soon though. I’m just taking the next couple of weeks off from Fallible Blogma (and almost the internet altogether) in order to reflect and be more present with family and friends during this preparation for and celebration of Christmas. I’ll be back in 2011…and with a few changes to the blog here.  So please feel free to subscribe (over on the right) and/or check out the other content on the site here in the meantime. Have a blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas!

Here’s a quote that inspired me to take the short break:

“I invite you to live moments of silence during these days of Advent, to hear Jesus’ voice who speaks to our heart. Holding Mary’s hand, let us meet with him without haste, as he always awaits us! Let’s put a dike to the flood of concerns and noises that so often drag us endlessly. Silence is like a blank screen on which we can project the film of our daily life to see it clearly. If we project it on a wall full of pictures, books and objects, with a background of noise, we will understand little. Only in silence do we assume in a more conscious way our options; in silence we hear the voice of God. […]

If we dedicate time to choose the ingredients and to prepare the dinners and meals we will share over the holidays, must we not also prepare, and even more so, what we will communicate through radios, newspapers, television programs and Web sites? What can we give that is substantial, if our life is filled only with repeated words, with little depth and contents? Let us dedicate time to the Lord whom we are awaiting this Advent.” – Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli

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Elizabeth December 17, 2010 at 11:55 am

Good for you! Merry Christmas!!

Wade St. Onge December 18, 2010 at 10:25 pm

A married man with a Catholic ministry who puts his family before his ministry – I wish we would see more of that in the Church! That’s why I like and respect you, Matthew. Blessings to you and yours, and Merry Christmas! (and Blessed New Year).

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