Good Fridays: New video, new channel, new president

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March for Life
Tens of thousands (perhaps more) showed up to march on Washington and demand real change.  And even though the press every year largely tries to pretend it didn’t happen – it’s good.

Front Page Blogma

I was honored to have my book review of “The Fathers” (by Pope Benedict XVI) featured on the front page of Catholic Exchange today.  That is good.

Vatican YouTube

Pope Benedict released a letter today in celebration of World Communications Day encouraging the use of technology and the internet to spread the Good News.  The Vatican even started its own Vatican YouTube Channel – pretty awesome!  Now if we could just get them on board to use my new website:  That would be more than good.

We just elected our first African-American President

Pretty amazing considering how far our country has come in a fairly short time.  Something we can be very proud of and is, of course, very good.

Awesome New CatholicVote video (worth watching)!

Have a great weekend!

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Ryan O January 23, 2009 at 5:46 pm

One media source seems to be on the bandwagon, claiming hundreds of thousands, not citing any real numbers or sources, but optimistic none-the-less:

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