Good Fridays: Life is good

It’s easy to lose hope in a culture that continually challenges and contradicts our Faith. And in many ways it is our response to those challenges that build up our faith the most. But it’s also nice to often remember the many positive and good things that are happening in the world, too.

So here on Fallible Blogma I’m going to try and make every friday Good Friday.  And we’ll try to remember, in light of the Good News that came from one Friday afternoon crucifixion long ago, some of the good news going on today.

Feel free to share any other good news you’ve come across lately in the comments down below.  And when you come across any good news stories in the future, be sure and send them to me ahead of time and I’ll try and include them in the following “Good Fridays” post.

Lives are being saved

We all hope for good.  Here is some evidence of actual good:

40 Days for life reported a documented 583 babies saved during this Fall’s campaign alone.  They also noted that many abortion workers quit their jobs during the campaign, abortion clinics were often closed on days they were normally open (one clinic was reported closed for good), and tens of thousands of people participated.

This is an outstanding organization and I look forward to watching it continue to grow as we prepare for the next 40 days campaign this Spring.  If you have not gotten to participate in one of these campaigns yet, please do so!  Get your parish/church/friends/etc. together and get involved.

10 reasons pro-life is winning

Fr. Frank Pavone, of Priests for Life, recently released Ten Reasons Why the Pro-life Movement is Winning.  It offers some great insights of the real shift on this issue in our country despite political leadership.

Good will and opposition

The Church leadership has openly congratulated and offered their prayers and good will to our new president.  But they are also just as vocal about standing up for the Truth and the rights of the unborn that Barack Obama has continually promised to trample upon.  Many bishops and other Catholic leaders have become increasingly vocal in proclaiming the teaching of the Truth to Catholics throughout this process.  This trend seems to be continuing.

From abortionist to defender of life: Sotjan Adasevic

Sotjan Adasevic has performed 48,000 abortions in his life.  But, now he is the most important pro-life leader in Serbia.  It is stories like this that truly testify to the horror of abortion.  This man has seen it and done it – tens of thousands of times.  His conscience caught up to him.  It’s a touching story.

A real pro-life strategy

I listened in on the pro-life conference call led by Fr. Frank Pavone after the election – which included many other pro-life leaders from around the country including the 40 Days for Life leadership.  I must say it brought great excitement for the future.

Additionally, they’ve just launched a new site called Pro-Life Strategy: A New Chapter for Our Movement.  Please check it out.  It’s exactly what we need.

Obama phones Pope

I’m convinced that anyone who spends enough time talking with Pope Benedict will become Catholic.  The man is far too humble, loving, understanding, and brilliant for any mere human to fight it.  Granted, it will take a heck of a lot more than one phone call to bring Obama around.  But there is no doubt that any person who comes in contact with Pope Benedict leaves a better person.

Blessing for the Child in the Womb

The U.S. Bishops officially approved an Order for the Blessing of a Child in the Womb for use in the United States.  Anything we can do to bring more recognition to the dignity of the human person in its tiniest form is very good.

Pope talks on 3 effects of faith in the Resurrection

“The first attitude [for Christians], is the certainty that Jesus has risen, is with the Father, and because of that, is with us forever. […] Because of this, we are secure and free of fear. This was an essential effect of Christian preaching. Fear of spirits and gods was spread throughout the entire ancient world. And today as well, missionaries find – together with so many good elements in natural religions – the fear of spirits and the ill-fated powers that threaten us. Christ is alive; he has overcome death and has overcome all these powers. With this certainty, with this freedom, with this joy, we live. This is the first element of our living directed to the future.”

“[Christ] is with me. […] And that in Christ the future world has already begun – this also gives the certainty of hope.  The future is not a darkness in which no one gets one’s bearings. It is not like that. Without Christ, also for the world today, the future is dark; there is fear of the future – a lot of fear of the future. The Christian knows that the light of Christ is stronger and because of this, lives in a hope that is not vague, in a hope that gives certainty and courage to face the future.”


“We don’t live as if good and evil were the same, because God only can be merciful.  This would be a deceit. In truth, we live with a great responsibility. We have talents, we have to work so this world opens itself to Christ, so that it is renewed. But even working and knowing in our responsibility that God is a true judge, we are also sure that he is a good judge. We know his face – the face of the risen Christ, of Christ crucified for us. Therefore we can we sure of his goodness and continue forward with great courage.”

Have a Good Friday!

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