From One Bad Catholic To Another


Since Daschle wasn’t cuttin’ it, Obama has made a new nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Unfortunately, it’s probably even more disappointing than Daschle.

Given Obama’s staunchly pro-abortion political history, we should expect to get a “pro-choice” person in this position in his cabinet. That’s the sad truth. This is what America voted for.

But this nomination is not simply “pro-choice” – it’s border-line abortion fanatic.  I can feel the tiny little hope of Obama governing from the center being torn away with each great populist speech he delivers.

The person nominated is Kathleen Sebelius and she’s the current governor of the state of Kansas.  To be a successful pro-abortion Democratic politician in a fairly conservative state like Kansas means she must have some other redeeming qualities.  I’m just not sure what they are.  Even Senator Brownback (one of the few faithful Catholic politicians) has been surprisingly supportive of her nomination, but not without some harsh criticism.  He may be playing it cool in order to position himself to run for Kansas governor in 2010 (being happy she’s leaving Kansas).  Who knows.  It’s definitely strange he hasn’t been harder on this nomination though.

This is a woman who voted against laws concerning parental notification, informed consent, and reflection periods.  And she vetoed or opposed laws requiring abortion clinics to conform to certain health care standards (what a crazy idea!).

On top of that, she has a disturbingly chummy relationship with the infamous Dr. Tiller (the Baby Killer…as many refer to him).  He’s infamous because of his giving illegal late-term abortions to anyone who will pay him the money.  Sebelius has received campaign money from him, participated in fund raising events with him, and repeatedly protected Dr. Tiller – who is now facing 19 separate charges of criminal abortions.  If you read up on this guy you will realize just how sick he is.

And to make matters even worse, Sebelius is a Catholic.  Arg.  I don’t get it.  Obama seems to have a thing for bad Catholics (or maybe they have a thing for him).  Last year her archbishop asked her to stop receiving communion until she disowns her support for the “serious moral evil” of abortion.  Apparently that hasn’t had a very big effect on her yet…as she’s moving on to bigger and more serious efforts of promoting and pushing this “serious moral evil” onto, not only Kansas, but the entire country.

Very, very sad.

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Brian Walsh March 4, 2009 at 10:21 am

I think these people need to stop calling themselves Catholic. Either you are with the Church on its teachings or you are what is called a Protestant… You can’t be both. But most protestants would not take here either due to here pro choice stance

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