Fr. Barron on the Desire to Be a Saint


Do you aspire to be a Saint? You should.

If youre ultimate goal is just to become the most famous or wealthy person in the world (or any other similar goal), you’re quite literally wasting your life. We were made for spiritual heroism – to be great Saints. Everything we do for ourselves, families and others should be ordered toward that end. Anything that’s not ordered toward that end is a total waste of your life.

This was another exclusive preview of CATHOLICISM. And this short clip was from Episode 8, A Vast Company of Witnesses – The Communion of Saints:

The story of the Church is told in the examples of those men and women who dedicated their lives to knowing and serving Jesus Christ. The Catholic Faith is made visible in real human lives.

Father Barron gives consideration to some of the Church’s greatest heroes, and demonstrates how their extraordinary examples display both the passion and creative potential of the Catholic Church. Highlighting Katharine Drexel, Therese of Lisieux, Edith Stein, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Father Barron tells the story of the Church as a vast company of witness who are called by Christ to be a Communion of Saints.

I’m really looking forward to seeing all of Episode 8 and hearing about the heroic, inspiring lives of so many people who truly lived the Faith.

View exclusive preview clips from other episodes of the CATHOLICISM series coming out in Fall 2011.

P.S. What is a Saint?

A name given in the New Testament to Christians generally (Colossians 1:2) but early restricted to persons who were eminent for holiness. In the strict sense saints are those who distinguish themselves by heroic virtue during life and whom the Church honors as saints either by her ordinary universal teaching authority or by a solemn definition called canonization. The Church’s official recognition of sanctity implies that the persons are now in heavenly glory, that they may be publicly invoked everywhere, and that their virtues during life or martyr’s death are a witness and example to the Christian faithful. (Etym. Latin sanctus, holy, sacred.)

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Dean Soto August 10, 2011 at 11:39 pm

Wow… this is awesome. Seriously, we need more media like this.

I forgot who said it (Peter Kreeft mentions it in his talks), but the quote basically says “There’s only one tradgedy in the world, and that’s not to have become a saint.” This totally visualizes that.

Now, I totally agree that our aim should not be wealth or anything else besides being a saint, but those are not bad things in themselves. Only when they take us away from our loving Christ. There have been saints in very high esteem (St. Thomas More, and so on), but they focused on sanctity and using what God had given them for the good of the Church.

Matthew Warner August 11, 2011 at 2:56 am


diane August 12, 2011 at 4:17 pm

Matt, Please please please edit your blog before you hit publish!! What you have to say is too important and how you say it is too brilliant to be mired in errors: “If YOU’RE ultimate goal…”


Matthew Warner August 12, 2011 at 6:14 pm

It hurts Diane. It hurts.

You’re criticism hurts. But not as much as realizing I mis-typed your. Thank you. :-)

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