Fr. Barron on Abortion and Health Care


A video of the always insightful Fr. Barron on the most controversial issues of the day: Abortion and health care. I especially like the reminder that “freedom is properly ordered to the Truth.”

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rr January 10, 2010 at 4:41 am

This seems to be about abortion. OK. What about health care? If those catholics of like mind w/ Fr. Barron actually cared about the health of the born as much as the unborn, then this issue would ever have come up. By joining with the wacko right, catholics pushed themselves away from the table. They could have helped framed the discussion, but marginalized themselves. The catholic church I grew up in actually cared about the sick (more than just as candidates for last rites). I am against abortion too, but that’s not the only policy killing people.

Matthew Warner January 11, 2010 at 8:22 am

rr – in what way do you think Fr. Barron and other Catholics of like mind (like me) don’t care about the health of the born? That’s a very strange comment.

Dave March 17, 2010 at 9:45 am

What do you think of this article? It claims abortions are less prevalent in countries with universal health care.

Also, there are health issues involved sometimes in ending a pregnancy. Although I am against abortion as contraception, what about those times when the life of a mother is at stake? I do not believe that the life of the mother should be sacrificed to save the child. Some would think that is an immoral or sinful choice. So should we jail a woman (or her family is she is incapacitated) if she ends a dangerous pregnancy? Do we investigate miscarriages? I never hear these nuts and bolts issues addressed by people who are totally against abortion under any circumstances; and want it completely outlawed. That is an unrealistic approach. It seems that both sides should be able to get together to craft policies (especially in the realm of sex education and education concerning moral values) that would help to drastically reduce the number of abortions. Not just take a simplistic “we ought to ban this” approach. We live in a pluralistic society and many will never accept Catholic teaching on this issue.

Fr. Michael Najim March 17, 2010 at 10:01 am

To say that Catholics don’t care about the health of the born is ludicrous. Catholic hospitals are one of the most vital parts healthcare in this country. This bill would adversely affect Catholic hospitals, particularly because it does not include any kind of conscience clause. The bishops would be put in an extremely difficult position because the gov’t would expect Catholic hospitals to perform abortions.

There’s a moral hierarchy as well. Abortion is not equivalent to the flu. As Catholics, we need to support taking care of all people. We support reform of the healthcare system. But we cannot support federal funding of abortions. This is not something we can compromise.

These are just some quick thoughts…

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