Federal Gov-centered approach to health care flawed

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This news is a bit dated, but still very (and perhaps more) relevant today. ┬áIn September, the Catholic Medical Association issued a critique of the currently proposed healthcare “reforms” in Washington, DC (bold emphasis mine):

On Monday, September 21, the Catholic Medical Association issued an open letter to Catholic organizations and individual Catholics to share its views on key prudential aspects of health care reform legislation. The letter called for a renewed emphasis on the principle of subsidiarity across the spectum of issues in health care financing and services. The letter critiques the federal government-centered approach evident in legislation passed out of congressional committees. Even apart from the issue of abortion and respect for conscience rights, such an approach is wrong in principle, demonstrably ineffective in practice, and dangerous given the Obama administration’s evident refusal to respect human life. The full text of the open letter can be read by clicking here.

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micaela swift November 18, 2009 at 7:45 am

Thank you for this. I had been reading up on this a while ago, and its good to keep this info in the light, and on the surface! The truth is that the government has NO business running any kind of healthcare system. They are free to regulate the unstable conditions that those providers have fallen into so that healthcare can be something affordable to all.
There are SOOO many options rather than referring and relying on such a “DANGEROUS” alternative in my eyes, to the way health care should be run. Its a disaster! It is because they choose “not” to think. Thats the root part of the whole reform missing in this process by this government. We need to fight this! Its truly scary.

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