Fr. Barron’s CATHOLICISM: Exclusive Preview of Episode 5

St. Paul

Here’s the latest exclusive preview of the CATHOLICISM project (below), coming out this Fall 2011. This clip is from episode 5, “The Indispensable Men: Peter, Paul and the Missionary Adventure.” You can see all of the other exclusive previews of the project right here on Fallible Blogma.

“Paul’s message was indeed designed to turn the world upside down. Precisely because it was the proclamation of a new King and, therefore, of an entirely new way of organizing things. If our teaching of the faith is too often tepid and uninspiring, authentic Christian proclamation is as subversive and explosive as the earthquake that shook the prison walls in Philippi.” – Fr. Barron, Episode 5, CATHOLICISM

Here’s the clip:

Exclusive preview of all clips from the CATHOLICISM series.

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