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There’s been a growing list of news items over recent weeks that I haven’t had the time to post on but wanted to. I just figured I would list a bunch here in case anyone else finds them interesting or worthy of commenting on below. Way too much going on lately!  In case you haven’t seen them yet, here goes…

  • EU Ethics: No animals were harmed during the destruction of this embryo. Not surprising but still Unbelievable.
  • One might think something called the “Margaret Sanger Award” was some kind of joke or an insult.  Not in some circles.
  • It’s hard to build a trendy, progressive mega-“church” these days when you try to, you know, stand for stuff.   I guess Warren caved from the pressure of his increasingly popular and “progressive” peers.  It hurts his ministry in the long run though.
  • Tony Blair doesn’t get it.  Not only does he not get it, but like he really doesn’t get it.  Usually converts, especially intelligent ones, get it.  Blair doesn’t.
  • Yet more evidence of the promising potential of ADULT Stem Cell Research.  Shocking that we haven’t heard more about this…not.
  • Gotta watch out for those crazy extremists…you know, the ones who believe we shouldn’t murder innocent unborn human beings.  They’re CAAAA-RRRRA-ZY!
  • Obama’s new advisor for faith-based initiatives thinks the Knights of Columbus are an army of “oppression.”  Talk about ignorant.
  • Robert George gives some very clear, scientific explanations of when life begins. Very good and in stark contrast to the ambiguous and embarassing rationalizations of somebody like Doug Kmiec.  Worth a read.
  • Interesting thoughts on the growing government controlled social services versus real charities.  It’s no longer charity if it’s being taken from us by law.
  • It appears Pope Benedict XVI will be releasing another encyclical in June 2009 on social issues.  I look forward to that!
  • Sebelius vetoed legislation that would help fight illegal late-term abortions.  She was then confirmed as the new Secretary of Health and Human Services.  Let’s just hope the swine flu keeps her busy as long as possible to keep her away from innocent, unborn babies.
  • Doug Kmiec continues to mislead Catholics (i.e. tightening that millstone around his neck).  But Cardinal Rigali clarifies some of the deceit.
  • Interesting study on why Catholics leave the Church.  The obvious answer is because they don’t actually know what the Church teaches and why it teaches it.  Every single Catholic that I know who has left the Church did not actually know what the Church teaches.  Of course, there are other reasons that pulled them out.  But certainly if somebody understands what the Church is there is nothing that could pull them out of it.  They didn’t know what they left.  Until parents and pastors start doing a better job at teaching the faithful the good stuff instead of watering it down, this is not going to get any better.  But the study is interesting none-the-less.

Whew! I think that kind of catches us up.  Hope you find some of those interesting. Feel free to comment on any of them below!

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Michelle May 1, 2009 at 9:40 am

The Conscience Law ordeal is horrible. We have a right to our own beliefs, opinions, and our actions.

The Miss America pageant and Miss California is ridiculous. She has a right to her own opinion, and to answer a question truthfully, just like Perez Hilton has the right to express his anger towards it.

My reasons for leaving the Catholic Church have nothing to do with my lack of knowledge. Now you know 1 person.

Matthew Warner May 1, 2009 at 9:54 am

Michelle, I wasn’t saying lack of knowledge was itself a reason for leaving. Just saying that if somebody understands what the Church is, then whatever “reasons” come about would not be enough to pull them out of the Church. That’s all. I hope you didn’t take that the wrong way.

Michelle May 1, 2009 at 9:56 am

No not at all.

Great blog post.

Jennifer May 1, 2009 at 10:07 am

Did you know that Marymont Manhatten was de-listed as a Catholic college after giving an honorary award to Hillary Clinton. So what should happen to Notre Dame, and perhaps, Georgetown?

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