Crazy Idea: Church gives money away?

This is kind of funny and odd. This news story reports as if the idea of a Church “giving money away” as opposed to taking it is some kind of novel idea. Are they kidding?

Here’s the story: Church gives fresh meaning to ‘offering’ plate

I like this quote:

“You don’t hear about a church giving money away.” – Amy Sullivan

Uhm, really? What a crazy idea.


It’s an interesting insight into the “church industry” which, unfortunately, in some cases have become lucrative ones.  It’s an age old problem, I’m sure.  But it seems we are in one of those waves (specifically within evangelical protestantism) where many Christians more closely connect their church experience to a self-serve Starbucks and a pep talk than they do to serving others.

Good for this pastor for finally getting this message across.  I’m sure we could all use a good reminder of that every once in awhile.

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