Coach takes school team to revival to get baptized!

This is about a month old story now…but still interesting.  Not for the sake of condemning anyone, but just for discussion’s sake.

In the case reported by the Louisville Courier Journal, the head football coach at Breckinridge County High School made it his personal mission (he paid the bus fuel) to take 20 players to a revival event at his church where where nine players came forward to be baptized. That is, after all, the point of a revival.

And blessing it all was the superintendent of schools herself. It was her church, too. One incensed mother, Michelle Ammons, a Baptist married to a Catholic, told the Journal. “They have no right to take my son on a school bus across county lines to be a church to be baptized.” (USA Today)

Maybe this is what happens when Christians fall prey to the incomplete belief that people “get savedsolely in a moment of inspiration, prayer, or water immersion (“once saved, always saved“).  They end up almost trying to trick people into taking “the plunge.”  Well intentioned?  Ha, probably.  However, it’s also probably irresponsible, ultimately ineffective and possibly damaging to any real conversion of souls.

Then again, perhaps we don’t have all the details here and the coach simply invited students he knew to attend an optional and fun evening up at his church.  Are we as Christians called to reach out and evangelize?  And perhaps some of those kids had an experience there that will change their lives forever and ultimately save their souls?  We don’t know.

This is just one more reason why we need more private schools and less public schools (which are subjected to regulations and restrictions from a beuracracy thousands of miles away).  Ultimately, any decisions that need to be made in this situation to resolve the matter should be left to the school involved, the students in question, and the parents.  It’s not really any of our business.  Geez.  Sorry for even bringing it up.

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