God and Man


“Atheism deserves better than the new atheists whose methodology consists of criticizing religion without understanding it, quoting texts without contexts, taking exceptions as the rule, confusing folk belief with reflective theology, abusing, mocking, ridiculing, caricaturing, and demonizing religious faith and holding it responsible for the great crimes against humanity. Religion has done harm; I acknowledge […]


I get a fair number of non-Catholics ask this honest question about Mary. They say, “look, I get it, she’s important and a Saint, but I think Catholics just go overboard. I mean, why spend so much focus on her when you can go straight to God himself? Isn’t she a distraction?” I believe it’s […]


Do you want everything (everything good anyway)? Well it’s being offered to you…but for a price. A lot of Christians get lulled into an over-simplification of their faith. This over-simplification deconstructs into a dangerous conclusion that there is nothing we have to *do* (i.e. a “work) in order to attain eternal life. They say that […]


I had a commenter accuse the Catholic Church of being a “dead religion.” She claimed the only place you can find Jesus Christ in a Catholic church is “hanging dead” on a cross. For any Catholics who practice their faith, this seems like a very disconnected accusation. But there are a lot of people who seem […]


This is one of those commandments that gets overlooked all the time. In fact, I often forget what it really means! Does it mean we can’t say things like “Oh my God” or “OMG”? Or does it just mean we can’t say “G-d d&mm@%”? Can we just not use God’s name when we are angry? […]


“It is a good life that makes you pleasing to God, not high-sounding words and clever expressions. It is better to feel contrition for your sins than to know how to define it. What good is it to know the entire Bible by heart and to learn the sayings of all the philosophers if you […]


In all 50 States, it’s legal to kill a baby this old for any reason, no questions asked. And over 200,000 mothers, tragically, choose to do so in our country every year, including many whose babies are much older than this one. This baby (I’m assuming it’s a model) is about 12 weeks gestation (about […]


Does it matter what you believe? Or do you just have to be a “good” person? Can you still call yourself a Catholic or a Christian if you don’t actually believe the doctrine that defines what those mean? Fr. Barron opines and discusses what it means to be a “good” or “loving” person (video below). […]