Make no mistake. The debate on Marriage today is not really about equality. Cries for equality miss the entire underlying problem…which is that nobody actually agrees as to what Marriage actually is in the first place. Emotional appeals to equality are only distracting and delaying (potentially decades) a much more serious and important discussion as […]


“There is a tendency to forget that the school is only a preparation for the home, and not the home a mere jumping off place for the school.” – G.K. Chesterton Why do we go to school in the first place? Why do we send our kids to school? Judging by the priorities of our […]


Let me be clear from the beginning here. I’m not saying there are no good reasons to get prenatal testing. But there are some reasons that are not good reasons to do so. No matter how sophisticated it may be, no prenatal test can predict the impact that your child’s life will have on the world. […]

1 plus 2 equals more to life

We worry a lot about “education” in this country. On a political level we bicker and argue about why one state’s math scores are higher than another’s. And at home, we put our kids through a heck of a lot (and we sacrifice a lot) to make sure they pass their tests, know how to […]


Rookie moms and dads often struggle with their new role as parents. Will I ever be good enough? Am I up to the challenge? How can I possibly withstand the immeasurable weight that is the blind confidence of an innocent, little child? We see other mothers and fathers, perhaps our own, and wonder how we’ll […]


Being a father is a radical responsibility. One that’s been neutered of its uniqueness and weight and turned into just another equal participant in the human economy. Well, we may have produced an economy of hard working men (and women), but we’ve also enabled a generation of slacker dads. Even the “good dads” are slackers. […]


My wife and I play a game with our two year old son. It involves catching a fish. You never know if it’s gonna be a little, tiny fish – or a great, big whale of a fish. You can play this game on the bed, on the floor, pretty much anywhere. To begin, you […]


Short on money this year for all those Christmas presents you need to buy? Good news: You don’t need it and you can still give the best Christmas gift ever. We spend over $450 Billion on Christmas gifts each year. Buying people gifts has become a matter of formality with less and less meaning. This […]