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Global Warming Snow Men

Recently over a bazillion brave souls gathered in the freezing weather to protest global warming. Alright, so they didn’t really have souls. And it wasn’t really a bazillion… But who can bother to count anyway? Either way, it gives me warm fuzzies (or is that the warming?) seeing so many come out to support such […]

Planned Parenthood

I’m disgusted and excited. Live Action has done it yet again. This time, I think this could be big. They’ve caught Planned Parenthood doing all kinds of illegal and despicable things before – on camera. But this could be the final straw that finally gets them de-funded. Planned Parenthood receives over $300 million dollars of […]


I get that a lot. Apparently because I think innocent human life, particularly the most vulnerable and the “least among us”, should be protected from being killed, this means I hate, dis-like or mistrust women (that’s the “misogyny” part). It also means I want to take away womens’ rights and force them into back alleys […]

Catholicism Project

Here’s a recently released kind of highlight reel from the┬áCatholicism series. It gets me pretty stoked, not only to see this Catholicism series, but to simply be Catholic. What a gift. Give it a watch, especially when you are needing to feel inspired:

leaf upon the water

This song recently became one of my favorite songs. The way the delicate words roll off of this voice and into the melody is, quite simply, beautiful. Not only do the words have such profound meaning, while also being brilliantly poetic and melodic, but it all meshes together perfectly as one. It is song at […]

baby 12 weeks

Of the 1.2 million abortions that take place every year in the United States, about 88% – or 1.06 million – of them occur in the first trimester. So every time some pro-life group raises the issue of late-term (3rd trimester) abortions, one of the most common pro-choice responses is that such late-term abortions are […]

pro-life pregnancy billboard

This billboard gets the message across.

Archbishop Nienstedt

The answer is no. And if people understood Catholic teaching and what receiving communion means anymore, then this would be oh so very obvious. When you go up for communion, to receive the Eucharist, the priest says, “The Body of Christ.” And we reply, “Amen.” When we say “Amen,” we are not only saying, “Amen, […]