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tob_his-her“We know from the book of Genesis that God created men and women ‘in His image and likeness.’  We know from the first letter of John that ‘God is Love.’  Therefore, men and women are made in the image and likeness of Love.  This isn’t hard to see.  Look at the design of the male and female bodies. They are made for each other. In fact, neither one makes complete sense apart from the other.” – Jason Evert, Theology of Her Body

Such is the premise of the new book by Jason Evert, Theology of Her Body and Theology of His Body.  It’s actually more like two books bound in one.  One side is Theology of His Body: Discovering the Strength & Mission of Masculinity.  The other side is Theology of Her Body:  Discovering the Beauty and Mystery of Femininity.

They are fairly quick, easy reads that take the Theology of the Body and focus it on male and female.  Yes, despite our modern world’s “enlightenment,” boys and girls are different.

Jason Evert does two handy things in this book:

  1. Translates the Theology of the Body language to a level appropriate and understandable for high school and college ages.
  2. Highlights the theological differences between the male and female bodies while demonstrating their complementarity.

While I’m sure it would have been good for me to read this in high school.  I think I would have been more able and ready to comprehend and relate to this stuff once I was in college.  My recommendation is to give it to every high school graduate so they can take it away to college with them.  But it also serves as a good intro or refresher for people of all ages.

Another thing I like about splitting up the “his” and “her” body is that it allows you to not only learn about the theology of your body, but also that of the opposite sex.

Jason points out, in quoting John Paul II, that “Christ assigns the dignity of every woman as a task to every man.” And likewise, “Men must be taught to love, and to love in a noble way.”  It’s a partnership. Men must help women recognize their beauty and dignity.  And women must help teach men how to love more nobly – more purely.

While the Theology of the Body is very…well…theological.  It’s also very practical.  The book speaks to the real world desires that men and women deal with every day of our lives and shows us how to reorient them towards God’s design and purpose – hence, living a more joyful, satisfying life.

As a man, it is not a bad thing that we have strong sexual desires. That is a part of being a Man and God made us that way for a reason.  However, as Jason Evert points out in this book, “your task as a man is to order these desires according to the demands of authentic love.”  In a world that often teeters between extremes of puritanism and profusion, the Theology of the Body offers a peace that satisfies our desire for both purpose and pleasure.  A real man is up to that challenge.

And women, simply in their woman-ness, should realize just how beautiful they are.   Despite what our culture shoves down our throats at every turn, how beautiful you are has nothing to do with how much skin you show.  Immodesty does not reveal beauty – it distracts from it.  It is modesty that actually reveals the most profound beauty – the dignity – of a woman.  In the very act of preserving yourself, you show the world just how dignified and beautiful you truly are.

This book is full of other similar bits of wisdom.  Definitely worth a read.  If you’re interested, you can pick up this book from the Catholic Company by going here.

I’ll end with one last quote from a girl in the book:

“It took me years of living in sin to destroy my life. It took five minutes to want it all back. I have never felt empowered as a woman until I read this. A woman’s worth has never been so clear to me as it is now.

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Manya July 3, 2009 at 2:28 pm

Thanks! I was wondering about this book. My son is heading off to college in a couple months and I just ordered a copy for him! Hopefully, he’ll actually read it. :)

Kristi July 6, 2009 at 9:17 am

If the book is anywhere nearly as beautiful as this article is written – it will definitely be an awesome read! Good job, Matt!

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