Being Whole and Hopeful

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Here’s a very inspiring short video that involves real hope and some amazing guitar playing. Tony Melendez was born with no arms – yet he is whole.

We are all born imperfect, at least by our worldly standards, in some way – yet we are whole in the eyes of God. And He has great plans for all of us despite those imperfections. In fact, those imperfections often become assets in accomplishing that plan even though we may not imagine how.

Tony’s real hope is not that he will one day have arms, although he likely has that hope. His real hope is in what truly matters in the end.

In a secular and materialistic world, we often think that having hope really means hoping for a better life here on Earth. That it means having hope that we’ll get that house, or that job, or that lifestyle we want. We think it means having hope that things will be easier. Those aren’t bad hopes. But they are not Christian hope.

Christian hope is entirely different. It is a hope that hopes even though we may never get that house, or that job, or that lifestyle. It is a hope that rejoices not only when things don’t get easier, but even when they get harder.

It’s a hope that recognizes that temporal suffering and challenges have eternal value. That’s impossible to understand without a real hope in God. And that’s why our secular culture simply doesn’t get it.

Remember that God made you whole…and be hopeful.

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Leticia Velasquez April 24, 2009 at 5:06 pm

I met him twice, before he was a father, when my daughter was a baby, and then, a dozen years later, when Tony and his wife had adopted children, and Gabbi was a young lady, happy to take a photo with him at the March for Life in DC.
He is a beautiful person, inside and out, and an inspiration to me, as Gabbi’s little sister Christina (age 7) has Down syndrome. Tony taught us that the heart is what truly matters.
Dios te bendiga, Toni.

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