Bazillions Gather to Protest Global Warming, Only Few March For Life

Global Warming Snow Men

Recently over a bazillion brave souls gathered in the freezing weather to protest global warming. Alright, so they didn’t really have souls. And it wasn’t really a bazillion…

But who can bother to count anyway? Either way, it gives me warm fuzzies (or is that the warming?) seeing so many come out to support such an enlightened, progressive cause driven by conflicting-science funded by ideologically partisan groups and hijacked by politicians to manipulate so many well-intentioned people with uninformed fear in order to serve powerful political agendas.

All of that is not surprising. But why is it so hard for the Media to report honestly on almost 4 straight decades of literally hundreds of thousands of people marching on Washington every year based upon a scientifically verified and undeniable fact that, in this country alone, we have ended over 50 million human lives by abortion? And we continue to end over a million more human lives every year. And we continue to march on, even though the media and much of America like to pretend that we don’t. Just as they like to pretend that the mother’s womb has not become the most dangerous place for a person to be.

Here’s a great video documenting the continued media malpractice and the March for Life:

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Tony Rossi February 4, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Every year, pro-lifers rightfully denounce the mainstream media for not covering the March for Life and assert that the media ignores it based on their own ideological agenda. In response, I’d like to propose a question: Where are the budding pro-life producers, executives and reporters who could choose to pursue a career in mainstream media and greenlight these types of stories? Have pro-lifers written off popular culture as trash and decided it’s not worth the effort for themselves and their kids? I don’t know the answer; I’m just asking the question. What I do know though is this: there is no single entity called “the mainstream media.” This media is made up of individuals who choose to go into this field, who think a certain way, and who make certain decisions. If other people who think differently chose media as a career, isn’t it possible that change could be accomplished from within? Maybe there are some who’ve tried and been rejected. If so, I’d like to hear their stories. Regardless, it doesn’t mean Catholics should give up the goal.

I wholeheartedly support the niche of media we Catholics have created through the years, especially since I work for a Catholic organization myself. However, I’d like to challenge young Catholics who want to make a difference to pursue media careers so their voices can be heard. It shouldn’t be about proselytizing, but about sharing truth.

Joe Jordan February 6, 2011 at 3:15 pm

Thanks Matt. Great video! Too bad the mainstream media continues to ignore the March, but the facts and the future are on our side. The huge number of enthusiastic young people we saw again this year tell me that the tide is turning and that we’ll eventually win this war.
Thanks for all you do to help spread the Truth!

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